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At Chelsea Bride we are please to accept payments vis the following methods:

Online Orders

By default payment for online orders is processed using Paypal, you do not need a Paypal account and any credit or debit card can be used.

Telephone Orders

We can allso accept orders by telephone or email, here you can use Western Union, send us a cheque or pay direct into our bank at HSBC.

Contact us for any other method of payment

Bank deposit at HSBC

 For customers who do not wish to use credit or debit card, we have created a facility for you to make a payment for your order. Please follow instructions below.

·          Notify sales manager that you will prefer the bank deposit option to make payment.

·          Sales manager will provide our bank account details along with a deposit reference number.

·          Carefully fill in your bank deposit/transfer slip with our bank account details along with reference number.

·          Fax copy of receipt or proof of payment slip from the bank along with your quotation from the sales manager.

·          Ensure that receipt of paying slip has reference number.

·          You can either send us a fax (08700669635) or send an email with an attachment to


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