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Measure around the fullest part of your bust, not underneath, and always try and wear a bra similar to one that you would wear on the day if under wired, measure yourself around an under wired bra.


This is your natural waist, below the rib cage and just above the hip bones, NOT the fullest part of the tummy. The tape measure should sit just above the tummy button.


This measurement is around the fullest part of your bottom (not around the hip bones), although not an essential measurement for an 'A' line skirt/dress as the dress flairs away from the hips, it is however an essential measurement for a straight skirt.

Rules to follow: If unsure or you fall between sizes work to your fullest measurement and always buy bigger.
Its much easier to have a dress taken in than let out.
Remember underwear can affect your sizing, always measure yourself with underwear similar to that you intend to wear on the day, i.e underwired/padded bra.

Chelseas Bride - Size Charts

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